Career change.

Over the years I’ve worked in all sorts of industries – telecommunications, insurance, legal & tax publishing, boat building, transport and local authorities to name just some of them. I’ve done customer services, logistics, IT, reporting & analysis, website creation, marketing and all sorts of other jobs inbetween. All of this after orginally studying for a degree and masters in Chemistry. However, about this time last year I got made redundant and had to rethink things.

I applied for over 300 jobs, no idea how many over that – I just stopped counting at 300. The redundancy money soon ran out. After 9 months I finally got a job, the workplace was odd and the people odder, the money was not great either. After 3 weeks I gave my 4 weeks notice, you see I had done something useful with my time off and tried to change my career and I was finally getting the chance.

Now I am doing teacher training, specifically Early Years (pre-school, kindergarten, whatever you call it where you are) teacher training. I’d always been interested in going into teaching but had always been put off as everyone wanted me to teach teenagers Chemistry. If I’d had the interest to sustain a career in Chemistry I’d have done a PhD and gone into it full time 20 years ago! So now I am busy doing a university course and a placement in a nursery, I’m busy and struggling to find time to write but I am finally finding out what job satisfaction is!


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  1. Nicholas C. Rossis on

    Good for you! I love when people discover what they really want to do in life. It doesn’t matter what you studied (my degree is in Engineering, my PhD in digital architecture, I have a web development company and now I just want to write books …) because the world gives you opportunities to re-train in order to do what you want. Congrats, I’m glad you are happy.

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