Incomplete Blockbusters, or why modern cinema is starting to wind me up!

So I went to watch Alita: Battle Angel a few days ago and as I exited the cinema I realised that I didn't feel satisfied. It was the same feeling I'd had after a few blockbusters over the last few years, a relatively recent example being Avengers: Infinitely Long. Spoilers for both movies are below.... Continue Reading →


Doctor Who: Scratchman by Tom Baker with James Goss – a review.

A bit of a change for this blog, a book review, but they say a change is as good as a rest so here goes. A lot of how much you enjoy this novel will depend on your affection for Tom Baker's Doctor, Ian Marter's Harry Sullivan and Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane Smith. Then again,... Continue Reading →

The Diana Camera

Another review of the Diana, you say? Aren’t there enough already? Yes, there probably are . . . but here’s another one anyway. If I am honest, I went into this as a sceptic. The cult of the Diana has sometimes irritated me with vastly over enthusiastic reviews and some really bad photography disguised as... Continue Reading →

Amazon promotions

Well the Amazon promotions ran and the results are in . . . a total of 6 free copies downloaded. Woo-hoo, how will I cope with this runaway success? 4 copies of Second Time Lucky? and 2 of Sovereign Nation. I either need to work out how to promote things on Amazon cheaply (I like... Continue Reading →

Promotional prices on Amazon.

There are two basic promotional prices on Amazon - the 'Free Promotion' and the 'Kindle Countdown Deal'. When I've done the 'Free' in the past I've had up to a few thousand downloads of my novels, but each time I've got less and less. Admittedly this probably has a lot to do with me doing... Continue Reading →

The Yashica Y35 Review.

Yes, the Yashica Y35. The camera the internet has declared The Worst Camera Ever Made! So, first and simplest questions and answer - Is it the Worst Camera Ever Made? No, it isn't. Seriously, did you never have one of this 110 cameras that came on a keyring? What do you mean you weren't born... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo Week Two.

Week two of NaNoWriMo is now over, the halfway point is passed. So, how has it been so far? Honestly, I think I have to say my main conclusion is that the amount of writing involved in NaNoWriMo is way beyond what I can do. Back when I worked in an office job I could... Continue Reading →

Armistice Day

On Friday night I went on to Ancestry to see if I could find anything new about my family, because that’s my Friday nights now I’m old. I found out that my great grandfather, John London (generally referred to as Pops), served in the First World War. Something we didn’t know before. He joined the... Continue Reading →

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